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Eight myths about leadership that are easier to disbelieve

There is one correct way to manage things: Don’t fall into the trap of fanatics who claim to have found the only correct way. Situations change, and businesses are very different. Management must be based on the situation.

Leadership is more important than management: The leadership industry knows how to speak prettily (and expensively), but more important in the world of things is to do things. Managers are needed. The difference between leadership and management is exaggerated. We need both of them, and a good manager must be both a leader and a manager.

Be yourself! True, that may not be enough. “Authenticity” is often used as an excuse for laziness, because you have to grow and develop yourself. That doesn’mean pretending that you’re someone else, and artificially putting yourself into some kind of framework will never pay off.

People don’t like changes: In that case, we have to wonder why they buy new cars and new clothing. People like changes, but they don’t like needless and stupid changes that someone at the upper level has come up with.

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