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A leader and communication: 5 thoughts

Author: Iveta Dzērve

You are a leader of your small sports team or in the front rows of an enormous corporation. That makes no difference. In any event, you must learn skillful communications just like complicated dance steps. What does skillful communications mean? Is it the ability to stand before an enormous audience, deliver clever speeches at the table, be a virtuoso in the spotlights of the media, finding answers to the most complicated questions in just a few seconds’ time? We offer you a version of how to start doing that things.

We all feel nervous when tens or even hundreds of people are looking at us. What are we to say? Do we have to concentrate for a conversation on live television? What is worse than that? You sit there, dazzled by the lights, not recognizing your voice and finding it hard to breath. It is not simple to speak in public. That requires not just the ability to concentrate, but also the ability to spend just a few seconds in analyzing the situation so as to find the only right answer.

Can you learn to appear before others and deliver speeches? Yes, but only if you spend lots and lots of hours in learning about practical public speech skills and attending media training at various levels of intensity.

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