CSDD communication campaign “Your behavior – the most important road sign!”

To address the critical need for ensuring the safety of vulnerable road users, particularly children and youth, in traffic, we partnered with the creative agency WKND. Together, we developed and implemented an integrated communication campaign for “Road Traffic Safety Directorate” (CSDD). This campaign included collaboration with key strategic partners like the Children's Clinical University Hospital, the State Police, and IF Insurance, aiming to enhance the protection of these at-risk groups in traffic environments.

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Throughout the campaign, our primary objective was to capture the attention of adults and foster awareness about how their behavior directly influences the safety and integration of children and youth in road traffic. The campaign featured several key initiatives such as publicity efforts, a public survey, an opening event to launch the campaign, the creation of campaign materials, an online discussion, social media engagement, and collaborations with influencers. After the project, approximately 200 media publications were achieved with a total audience of 5,227,928. On the platform, the campaign reached over 123,000 users; on Instagram, it reached more than 50,000. Meanwhile, on platform X, the impressions exceeded 50,000.

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