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Firing fears. Juris Žagars

Author: Iveta Dzērve

A talented actor, local government council member, creator and driving force behind an arts festival, the creator and soul of Žagarkalns, and a leader. He clearly has a driving force that allows him to excite others and trust in the capability of his ideas. He is direct in his judgments, which are based on his own experience, with climbs and falls. Juris Žagars

Would you say that you are more an actor, businessman or director of the Cēsis Art Festival?

I think that I have to answer this question on the basis of what you do the best or where you are most talented. I am certainly not in the top 10 of the business world. When it comes to directing a festival, yes, there are lots of various festivals, but that is nothing unique. As an actor, I can be among the top 10 male actors in my age group. Accordingly, I think and always say that I am an actor.  Everything else is secondary.

The job of an actor is to excite the audience, subordinate it and create interest so that the viewer listens to and watches you for three hours. This is an absolutely mandatory requirement for a leader. People need to listen to him, watch him and follow him. Accordingly, yes, I think that I have such a gene.

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