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Searching for the Gene of a Leader!

Wondering, why LEADER?

While celebrating anniversary of Repute, we have decided to mark it differently!

By starting brand new series of conversations “Searching for the Gene of a Leader!”, that encourages to think about leadership around us and leadership in ourselves.

During the first set of conversations, a unique magazine LEADER, issued and cherished by Repute, has been created. Whereby here each month we will offer the brightest peaces of the magazine LEADER to inspire you searching for the Gene of a Leader.

Who is a leader today? Can an outstanding manager also be an outstanding leader? Is an opinion leader a leader? How does someone become an opinion leader? Why are we increasingly hearing the claim that there is a lack of vivid leaders? If there really is the gene of a leader, does that mean that there are fewer and fewer heirs to this gene in the world? Such questions seem important, and we can engage in internal heated debates every day until our faces become flushed and rosy. It seems that this is a topic that might be of interest to every reader of this magazine.

Iveta Dzērve, Founder of Public Relations agency Repute