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Leader and digital communication

Author: Sergejs Volvenkins  (PhD), iMarketings.lv Head of Digital

How can a leader be noticeable in the digital environment and achieve the company’s goals?

The business environment is changing very swiftly, and to achieve goals in the digital environment, leaders must change equally quickly. Five years ago, it was hard to imagine that among jobs at a company would include ones such as search engine optimization or a Google and Facebook advertising specialist. That is reality today.

Our environment changes rapidly, and a leader can lose his status literally in just a few minutes time. Irrespective of the situation, however, the leader must lead people, set an example, and achieve goals. At the end of the day, the changing environment creates ever new opportunities that we must know how to use.

To paraphrase a concept from “Alice in Wonderland,” “It is hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going”. Irrespective of the rapidly changing environment and the new opportunities that it creates, you must always keep your goals and strategy in mind. That will help you to understand how much and how intensively you have to use innovations, also deciding on whether you need them.

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