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Outside the comfort zone. Katrīna Ošleja

Author: Iveta Dzērve

“Even the most successful leaders are scared, and they experience moments of weakness. The problem is that they don’t have anyone to talk to about it openly. It can be said that the higher you have climbed the leadership ladder, the lonelier you feel,” says Katrīna Ošleja.

Who is a leader? Does the director of a company have to have leadership characteristics? Leaders and responsibility. This is an interview with psychotherapist, coach and businesswoman Katrīna Ošleja.

How would you define a leader?

First of all, a leader has a clear vision. I have met many leaders who do something, go somewhere and are very busy. If you ask him where he is going in the longterm, he cannot respond. He operates more intuitively. The leader can communicate his vision to others.

Second, a leader must be able to motivate and inspire others so that they want to go there. The type of communication that is essential in this case. I wish to stress the fact that communication is an everyday process that must be repeated regularly. Leaders must look for and find creative ways of doing this.

Third, the leader must have the ability to do things and implement his ideas. I would say that this is the hardest thing. I have experienced many teamwork sessions and individual sessions with leaders where everything is nicely put on paper and planned, but the next time I meet him, nothing has moved forward. I think that is related to the ability of the leader to motivate and discipline himself. Leaders must not just dream and declare things to others. They must also be able to do things.

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