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Powerful leaders in Latvia can be introverts or extroverts

Author: Dace Andresone

People tend to say that when it comes to Latvians, northern winds have “blown” a cool and reticent temperament into us, ensuring that we are people who “measure cloth seven times before cutting it.” Is that enough to claim that ours is an introverted nation? If we look around, we see truly fiery and sparkling leaders who are extroverted.

Ieva Salmela, Development director, Hesburger President, Finnish JCI Turku Division, 2019

I am extroverted, and so I am part of a community that has similar views. I’m not saying that there is a single proper formula that turns an introvert or extrovert into a more successful leader, because everything depends on your ambitions and the extent to which your colleagues are powerful. You can be a visible leader who points people in the right direction or one who is like a grey cardinal in managing your team. There are so many vivid examples of introverts who are very good at showing themselves, appearing before large audiences and achieving results.

True, we can ask when an introverted leader turns into an extroverted one. Where is the boundary? I think that leadership starts from your childhood, and it depends on how your parents and grandparents raise you and what you learn at school.

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