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Survey: What do Latvians expect from leaders?

38% of Latvians believe, that today our country needs leaders, who are capable of taking responsibility, can motivate and excite not only themselves but also others, indicates a survey about leaders in Latvia, conducted by “Repute” in cooperation with research company “Norstat Latvija”.

Meanwhile, every fourth respondent admitted, that he wanted to see a leader, who is moving forward, always thinking about, how to reconcile the interests of different people and different generations. On the other hand, 14% of respondents believe, that Latvia needs a personality, that is not afraid to make unpopular decisions and “go through the fire” even, if it initially has no public support.

Just as many – 14% – have claimed, that the state needs a “man of action”, who does things, but doesn’t want into the spotlight himself. But only 9% have indicated that Latvia would need a charismatic personality, that is naturally capable of inspiring people.

Iveta Dzērve, founder and chairman of “Repute” emphasizes, that, while there are many features, by which we define leadership, one of the most important is courage: “The courage to risk, to lose, to take responsibility, which is demonstrated by survey results, are the public’s true expectations. When in the era of social and digital media “influencers and opinion leaders” are in the foreground we want to see discussion and debate on the importance of true leadership today. The power of a true leader lies in his courage, his ability to inspire and to create.”

In any case, it is clear that we crave for true and genuine leaders, who are courageous and not afraid to make even unpopular decisions in the service of society. What kind of leaders do you see in Latvia?