Opening of the magazine LEADER – The Réputé Public Relations Agency

Opening of the magazine LEADER

Réputé celebrates it’s 15th anniversary! Thinking about ways how we could celebrate our anniversary, we came to the conclusion that an anniversary party would not be in our style. We want to grow, evolve, analyse and evaluate ourselves and also do it together with our clients, partners and like-minded audience.

So this is how the idea of a magazine LEADER was born. Why a magazine, you may ask? Because we are sure that as opportunities in the  digital world expand, we must preserve the values of a print publication. We have made great efforts to make every article useful and valuable for it’s readers. Why leadership theme? We believe that Latvia needs strong leaders who are able to inspire and build the confidence of our society. We hope that in time, when Réputé will await for it’s age of maturity, many will be motivated to discover leadership that each one of you may have.