How to deliver bad news to employees in the age of negative news? – The Réputé Public Relations Agency

How to deliver bad news to employees in the age of negative news?

Day by day we follow the progress of Covid-19 in the media – world statistics, stopped businesses and people who have lost their jobs during the crisis. How to tell another bad news in the era of negative news?

#1 Personal message instead of an e-mail!
Regardless the industry and the number of employees, in any case the dismissal process has one measurement – respect and humanity. Employees deserve to be informed about the status change of their job during a conversation, weather face to face or a phone call, because rumours and guesses in a situation that is already complicated can actually paralyze everyday work. Openness shows the high standards of business, cooperate culture and long-term view, knowing that later, at one point, the entrepreneur will be the one looking for employees.

#2 Are we going to work more?
Pushing matters to the extreme can be seen in any crisis. For some, crisis comes with a volume drop or their business even stops, for others – it comes with a rising number of projects, which means even bigger amount of work. It must be acknowledged that everyone who is experiencing a decrease in volumes is working more to keep their heads “above the water” and at one point there is a risk of emotional burnout. How to motivate employees at a time when future is a mystery? Firstly, work based on a plan – task, implementation, deadline. Secondly, set priorities, because even when the amount of work is bigger, one task is more important than other. Thirdly, divide responsibilities. If you have a smaller team now, go over the deadlines and be accurate with tasks, skipping the unnecessary.

#3 How to get a balance in your work life?
Yes, it’s a challenge for a majority of employees, because so far, they didn’t have experience working from home. In addition to work from home, children in school age are also learning from home. In order to motivate employees, encourage them to establish a detailed daily plan, because discipline will help focus on what needs to be done and orient in your daily tasks. Don’t forget that during this time there’s a significant meaning of leadership skills that team managers can show to inspire and drive the team despite the difficulties.