How to sell in the digital environment? – The Réputé Public Relations Agency

How to sell in the digital environment?

This question concerns many, given that face-to-face business has mainly stopped and customers have moved to the Internet. Even those who didn’t rush with it before are cracking their minds Where to begin to promote a service or product of yours in the digital environment?

#1 Arrange your digital “look”
The first information about you that will pop on the Internet will have a significant impact on both existing and potential customers, especially now that we spend so much time surfing there. Evaluate in which channel your audience is and make sure that you are on this platform as well. Often companies create their profiles on all potential communication channels they can imagine without even evaluating what benefits it will give. Poorly formed, half-empty pages can create a delusional and even negative perception of a company. Therefore, it’s important to assess where your target audience is and how to effectively reach it. If you already have a company website, social media profiles, Google My business or other business platforms, they should serve as a trustworthy source. Therefore, make sure that your contact information is up to date, and the content on all channels is updated and unite. If you haven’t had a profile in any of mentioned platforms – this is the right time to create them, so you can be seen and reachable.

#2 Provide diverse content to your target audience
Answer the question: what would your client want to know about your product or service? You don’t need to fill your information channels with a lot of information, so create content that answers the main questions your customers would like to know and just publish it. That simple. Simple is the new beautiful – stick to minimalism.

#3 Move sales to online
Today, almost anything can be sold online, and it doesn’t immediately mean that you have to set up an online store or invest a lot of budget to sell in the digital environment. You can sell for example on social media – create a photography with your product and add a description, offer online consultations with your experts, create videos. Perhaps this is the right time to start building relations with an existing online store where you can sell your product/service.

#4 Recheck your team’s digital skills
Your sales team needs to be ready to work in the new environment, so make sure they have access to digital tools for communication with customers (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others) and what they know about their usage. If necessary, organise a short training, including the main aspects about the platforms you are planning to use.

#5 We’ve become digital – inform about that!
Does your existing and potential customers know that you are available through digital channels? Inform them about it and welcome to follow your channels by sending a personal message, as well as publishing information on your business platforms. On the other hand, when you call for a direct communication virtually, don’t leave unanswered letters and answer client’s questions!

#6 Be noticeable – a small advertising budget will be helpful!
To guide customers to your product or service, you must be noticeable. Therefore, a small advertising budget, especially during time of information overload, will be useful. For example, create a Facebook or Instagram newsfeed ads.