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BITE Social responsibility project “Bite your finger!”

To speak easy about the complicated – that’s the slogan of our client, mobile communication operator BITE. We took it into account developing creative strategy and concept for the campaign “Bite your finger!”, that stands against cyberbullying or emotional humiliation online amongst children and teenagers and encourages responsible use of mobile technology.

Just like we have to bite our tongue so we don’t say something offensive in real life, we have to do the same online, but in this case, we have to bite our fingers, because nowadays communication is moved to online environment.

We visited many schools in Latvia together with The State Police of Latvia, Latvian Safer Internet center, The State Inspectorate For Protection Of Children’s Rights, psychologist, Improvisation theatre of Riga, as well as our patrons or cyberguardsTV host Lelde Ceriņa, radio DJ Toms Grēviņš and musician Markus Riva. We talked to children about spotting cyberbullying, how to protect themselves and what to do before hating on the Internet!

We met more than 500 students and 200 parents in total, as problem solving #kopāspēks or strength of being together is needed. A wide publicity in the media reached over 50 publications in regional media and 20 in national media.