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Hiring campaign by Hesburger – No Work Experience? Find It Here!

A hiring campaign by the largest fast food chain in the Baltic States, Hesburger – “No Work Experience? Find It Here!”


#  How to address young people in a way that they understand and that is interesting to them?
#  How to distinguish Hesburger when many companies are looking for new employees?
#  How to make Hesburger more attractive as an employer?


Where can young people get experience if they cannot find a job without it? It doesn’t make sense! Hesburger starts a hiring campaign, positioning itself as a company that can offer the first work experience that could be useful throughout the lives of its employees. Yes, the applicant might not have experience with real work, but he or she has experiences elsewhere.

Campaign in three series with three campaign characters, including an extensive ad campaign, communication on the company’s homepage and social media, placement of campaign materials at restaurants and universities, internal communications activities and employee training.


#  The number of job applications (submitted CV or completed application on the homepage) in the Baltic States increased by 43%
#  The ad campaign generated more than 9.5 million impressions and more than 30,000 clicks on the Hesburger homepage in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia