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Social responsibility campaign “CĒRT SAKNĒ”

Goal:  To inform about the Latvian Safer Internet Centre ( mobile application “Safe Internet” (“Drošs internets”), which reports various violations and illegal content on the Internet.

Solution: social responsibility campaign ”CUT ROOT” (“CĒRT SAKNĒ”), encourages responsible use of the Internet and raises awareness to participate in reducing violations on the Internet. The campaign’s central messages were based on the three most common types of violations – emotional violence on the Internet, blackmail and threats, child’s naked photos. Campaign tonality – emotional stories based on real experience, prompting that any of us can be in the role of victim. Creating a safe Internet environment can be only one click away, pressing button “Report!”

Campaign architecture was built around three messages, illustrating the need to be active and report, as well as encouraging to download the application. Integrated public relations, advertising and digital marketing solutions.

Results:  Audience-focused and engaging content, represented by the results of the ad campaign. The total number of impressions reached 3,238,414 impressions, and the number of clicks were more than twice as high as previously planned, reaching 13,837 clicks. Reached over 300,000 unique audiences. Average video duration on – 50.37% of the clip, which is a valuated as very high score. Campaign generated over 2100 application downloads. Wide publicity, covering national media.