The Art Project “Raf. Jelgava. Art” – The Réputé Public Relations Agency

The Art Project “Raf. Jelgava. Art”

The goal: To publicise NP Properties and strengthen the company’s image

The mission: To organise a unique event for large numbers of people

The solution: The unique art project “RAF. JELGAVA. ART” during the course of Museum Night, with popular artists coming together to offer a chance for all visitors to see how art is created. The artists were Ilze Avotiņa, Kristīne-Luīze Avotiņa, Elita Patmalniece, Ieva Bondare, Māris Subačs, Raitis Junkers and Latvian Academy of Art students Madara Neikena and Dagne Ventiņa, along with students from the Janis Rozentāls Rīga High School of Art. In parallel, there were special animated films for the evening, video projections, and a chance to examine RAF vans. The event was held at the NP Jelgava Business Park (the former RAF factory).

The result: Nearly 6,000 people attended the “RAF. JELGAVA. ART” project.