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Video series on vocational educational opportunities in Latvia

1 year, 110 addresses throughout Latvia, 135 interviews and in the end – interesting and educational video series on vocational education opportunities in Latvia!

Together with the State Education Development Agency, we developed 15 educational videos with the aim to promote vocational education in Latvia in order to reach the seventh to twelve grade students, as well as their teachers, career counselors and specialists, and also parents.
For the main idea of our video we took the inspiration from the well-known saying “Everyone is a blacksmith of their own happiness” (Latvian: Katrs pats savas laimes kalējs), therefore talking about career and professional skills developed by young people, the ability to grow and opportunities in an attractive and engaging way!

We emphasized that the future career path depends only on one’s determination, work, interests and energy invested in it. During the project we looked behind the scenes of many professions, tried out various skills ourselves, met up with inspiring professionals, but most importantly – we realized that the vocational education in Latvia today opens up extremely diverse opportunities! All you have to do is grab them!

Learn about the professions here!